Wolfgang Bloch was born and raised in Guayaquil, Ecuador.

The surface. This is one of the defining characteristics of works by Wolfgang Bloch, an artist known best for his moving and recognizable contemporary seascapes. His quiet and careful brushwork and his seamless assemblages have, over the past two decades, combined to yield works imbued with the romanticism of William Turner and the pure expression of Mark Rothko. Bloch is a rare artist whose hands are as guided by his dedication to craft and technique as they are by the nature of his materials and by the earnestness of his understated yet evocative experimentations.

Bolton Colburn, former director of The Laguna Art Museum calls Wolfgang's work
"sublime and terribly romantic."

Bloch's work has been exhibited in galleries and museums throughout the world,
 as well as being published in magazines and books, including his own, published 
by Chronicle Books and titled: "Wolfgang Bloch: The Colors of Coincidence".
 Written by Mike Stice, and designed by David Carson. The book is an intimate
 and soulful account of the artist's rich and layered life, featuring the most evocative
 examples from his body of work.

Today, Bloch lives and works in Northern California.

Linnea Stephan photo

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